F1: Sergio Perez extends his contract with Red Bull, confirms to stay for 2 more years

Monaco champion Perez signs a new deal with his current team Red Bull.

The Monaco win puts a boom as Red Bull assures to extend Perez’s contract for two more years. Sergio assures his fans and significantly the Red Bull fans that he will be rushing his nerves on the pit for Red Bull at least till 2024 arrives.

Perez was in touch with Red Bull since 2021 and has won for the team twice including the recent win in Monaco Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen will continue to partner with Perez as the long term deal with Red Bull makes Max a dominant racer of Red Bull for some years.

“Winning the Monaco Grand Prix is a dream for any driver and then to follow that with announcing I will continue with the team until 2024 just makes me extremely happy,” says Perez