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Facebook Banned This Active Blogger From Sharing An Article On Breasts Yet Again

Facebook Banned This Active Blogger From Sharing An Article On Breasts Yet Again


Time and again, Facebook puts up a misogynist act which leaves us with no option but to call it out. Joining in this revolution with us, is a New Delhi-based writer Japleen Pasricha, who also runs a website that goes by the name, Feminism In India.

A week back, Pasricha shared an article on women’s breasts on Facebook. The thumbnail of the article had a picture of female breasts which immediately got her suspended from Facebook.

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banned-post-facebook for nudity of content

Although it was just a mere painting of a woman with bare chest, it was “offensive” according to Facebook’s community standards.

Pasricha even tweeted about how this wasn’t the first time she was banned from Facebook.

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Earlier, she was banned for posting a picture of an African woman on a motorcycle.

“Till date, this is my most favorite picture on the Internet and my cover pic on Twitter (Twitter, I love you for not censoring women’s nipples, please never never change) since I can remember,” she wrote in her blog.

More recently, she got banned from Facebook for posting about the bold and unique protest that took place in Imphal, Manipur in 2004.

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Talking about Facebook censorship, she says :

“Facebook’s argument is that they are putting a blanket ban on pornography by banning female nipples but I don’t agree with them. It’s problematic because it leads to women’s bodies being sexualized. Facebook never had a problem with men’s nipple or called for its ban.”

She even wrote a piece about it, titled “It’s 2016 And Facebook Is Still Terrified Of Women’s Nipples.”

A spokesperson from Facebook said :

“It is not always easy to find the right balance between enabling people to express themselves while maintaining a comfortable experience for our global and culturally diverse community of many different ages, but we try our best.”

If you too think that facebook’s idea of censoring women’s nipple is a taboo living in the 21st century, then don’t forget to leave your precious views in the comments section below.

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