Facebook has expanded its “Find Wi-Fi” feature globally on both iOS and Android devices. It was launched last year in few countries.The feature is available on mobile app only.
The feature is especially “useful for travellers, and for those in areas where cellular data is not proper or where speed of cellular data is slow”.

Here’s how to use Find WI-FI feature:

    • Open the Facebook app and then click the “More” tab.
    • Select “Find WiFi” from the list of available options. You might be prompted to turn the feature on.

find wi-fi facebook

If you can’t find the “More” tab, then you may find the feature nested under the “Apps” section. Results are originally presented as a list, but you can click on the Map button at the top right-hand side of the page to see things on a map as well.

Go check out the Find Wi-Fi feature on your phone today.