"Facebook To Make Your Profile Public" Rumour Goes Viral On Internet

“Facebook To Make Your Profile Public” Rumour Goes Viral On Internet

Recently a chain mail Facebook hoax has spread throughout the social media community. There are millions of users who have already seen this message on Facebook which warns them to share it further more otherwise pay $5.99 to Facebook for keeping their profiles anymore.

This Is What The Rumour Say

Facebook rumor

The rumour also informs the users to copy and past the message on their timelines instead of sharing it. One thing which is more significant about this rumour is that it mistreats the meaning of “UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute” law by telling the people that by sharing the message further, Facebook will be punishable under this law if it shares any of your personal information but actually, the truth is that this law does not apply in India.

Countries Which Falls Under The Jurisdiction Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court:

Wikipedia Rome Statute
Source: Wikipedia

Yes! it means that sharing this rumour more and more is really not gonna help anyone and someone is just fooling the public by means of this chain mail.

It didn’t take this hoax anytime to go viral on the internet and worry thousands of people:

Facebook Privacy hoax

Facebook privacy policy scam

But now as this rumour has been proved a hoax, the number of people sharing it has decreased vastly.

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