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News Technology Facebook To Delete The Synced Pics Of Users From July 7th

Facebook To Delete The Synced Pics Of Users From July 7th

Facebook’s Moment app just boosted its rank to the 1st position from 60th on the Apple app store but how? Well, the most understandable reason is because the great Facebook company has warned the users to delete their synced pictures if the don’t download the Moments app.

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Facebook has been warning people outside of Europe and Canada to download the Moments app otherwise they’ll have no other option left to except to see their synced photos getting deleted. The final date provided to download the app is 7th July, after that only Facebook will start implementing its new rules and delete its users’ photographs. The information is reported by the company’s spokesperson Lauren Svensson himself.

Facebook to delete synced pics of users

Back in 2012, the feature to sync images from the app to phone was released in the main Facebook app and the notification of the same was also provided by Svensson himself. Unfortunately, the company decided to phase out this syncing feature in the last month of the year 2015 when it launched the Moments app.

This new app enables the users to share private photos easily by tapping into the phone’s photo stream, after that with the help of face recognition a person can label the pictures by tagging the faces of people in them.

Facebook Moments app

This new feature is not at all going to affect a person’s mobile photographs or of any other platform. Only the pics added by a user manually will be deleted.

Although the Moments app provides good features but has still received the hatred of many because of the warning.

Facebook Moment’s app is currently in top 5 lists of apps in almost every country only losing to the likes of Snapchat messenger and that of T-Mobile’s.

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