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World World's First Test Tube Baby is Turning 40, Once Family Was Bombarded...

World’s First Test Tube Baby is Turning 40, Once Family Was Bombarded With Hate Mails And She Still Suffers Harassment Online

Louise Brown, it is the name of the first person in the world to be born through In Vitro Fertilisation. Her controversial birth in 1978 caused a sensation around the world and she grew up in the centre of the debate about the ethics of the procedure. On the other hand, her birth also gave hope to millions of childless couples throughout the world.

Lousie Brown is known as the baby of the century. She was born on July 25, 1978. Just after the birth, she underwent more than 60 check-ups to confirm whether she is normal or not. She shared some facts about her birth in her autobiography. She writes,

This week is my 40 birthday. Like most people, I would probably rather keep that fact to myself. But, around the world, the celebration of my birthday will also see celebrations that mark the 40 anniversary of IVF – the procedure which led to my birth. When I was born, Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards, the two men who came up with the technique, suggested my middle name be Joy. They said my birth would bring joy to so many people.

Source: Independent

She further writes,

My mum, Lesley Brown, went to the doctor suffering from depression. At the heart of it was her inability to have a child with my dad, John. When they heard about this experiment it gave them hope. Even though it had never worked before it was something to cling on to – and happily led to me being born. Later it worked for them again with my sister Natalie being born in 1982 – by then the 40th in the world.

Source: Independent

However, Lousie also reveals that she is targeted by the people. Her family received a number of hate mails when she was born, disclosed that she still suffers harassment online exactly 40 years after the pioneering IVF. People thought of her non-biological baby. Once they got a letter written with blood accused Lousie of unnatural.

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