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High Life Facts Behind Serving Of Milk On Suhagraat (Wedding Night) Revealed

Facts Behind Serving Of Milk On Suhagraat (Wedding Night) Revealed

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It is an Indian tradition that the room is decorated with flowers and the bed with rose petals with lots and lots of fruits beside the bed at the time of Suhagraat. When I was a kid I used to think they would eat all those fruits, sweets and satisfy their thirst with milk and sleep. You see we didn’t have sex related classes, neither I saw any pornographic films to understand how babies were born. I used to think that all the babies fall from the sky and the mothers are very good at catching those.

Well, as far as the milk serving before the suhagraat is concerned, why the hell is that shit served? Finally, we got an answer for you that is completely hilarious. These facts relates the importance of milk on suhagraat –

Improves tissue compactness

Serving plain milk doesn’t add impact on the tissues underlining the skin. To get a better impact to improve the strength of the tissues addition of crushed almond and pepper to a glass of milk enhance the impact of being powered.

kesal milk at the time of suhagraat
Source – Bollywoodshaadis

Improves hormone rate

Milk is known for its protein content. To accomplish the wedding night, two hormones comes to play named as testosterone and oestrogen. Indeed a mixture of almond and milk provides protein at a higher rate that eventually improves the hormone rate for better sex.

wedding night couple - suhagraat
Source – Webhaal

Nourishes the reproductive cells

Milk has a power to provide nourishment and balance between the Vata and Pitta. As per Ayurvedic importance milk proves as the most satvic and nourished among natural food to all humans. Its also helps you to devote extreme manpower during sex.

bride serving milk
Source – Eenaduindia

Makes sexually active

Simple milk recipe increase the ability of men to be sexually active.Addition of herbs like kesar, shilajit etc to the milk proves beneficiary to the male reproductive system.

wedding night - suhagraat
Source – Khoobsurati

Avoids gastric problems

Intake of a glass of milk calm down your food pipe from inflammation. Drinking on a regular basis prevents from heartburn and other gastric problems and serves as a good appetizer. Thanks to our religion practice that factors one of the most unique feature being carried out.

suhagraat mein dulhan
Source – Jagran

Well, to make your first night more effective, I’m pretty sure that you will not skip the kesar milk offered by your better half.!

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