Interesting Facts About The Trash Dove, Purple Bird On Facebook

Interesting Facts About The Trash Dove, Purple Bird On Facebook

Trash Dove, a little cartoon bird that has begun taking over Facebook. It is just a matter of time that it becomes so familiar to all of us.

Who is the creator of Trash Dove?

SYD WEILER, an American artist made this picture. It was originally created for the iOS10 sticker store. But Facebook found a great meaning to this picture and adopted it as their own sticker. According to the Know Your Meme, Trash Dove blew up in popularity after it was featured alongside a dancing cat on a Thailand Facebook page, the dance off scored 4 million views.Trash Dove, purple bird on the facebook

The largest recorded flock of Trash Doves appeared on a New York Times Facebook post with a total of 92 birds.

Syd Weiller told the guardian:

“Pigeons are such strange birds, they have very beautiful mottled, shimmery feathers, but they waddle around and bob their heads and beg for crumbs. They’re like beautiful doves, except they eat trash.”

Syd also talked about the dark side of the attention, she is getting:

“I’m a quiet homebody – I like to sit at my desk and draw, and play video games. Overnight, I was flooded with attention, and that has only sped up for five days now,” she said. “The fan art and nice comments have been the highlight for me, but I’m amazed at how mean people can be to someone they’ve never met, because of something silly online. I didn’t ask for or sign up for any of this, but many people are blaming me, and I’ve even received some threats.”

Thank you for all of the nice messages. Seeing the fanart and reading your lovely messages has really been the…

Posted by Syd Weiler on Montag, 13. Februar 2017


However, there is also a petition filled by people who are fed up of the bird. People are angry in many places of the world.

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