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World Failed From Workout, Some People Are Now Opting For 6-pack Abs' Surgery...

Failed From Workout, Some People Are Now Opting For 6-pack Abs’ Surgery in Thailand

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In a hospital in Bangkok, every month 20-30 people are visiting to opt for surgery. It unique surgery of its own kind as it will provide instant 6-pack abs. The cost of the surgery is approximately 2.60 lakh rupees. These people include those who failed to get 6-pack abs even after a vigorous workout.

As per this implant surgery, initially, the fat around the belly is removed so that 6-packs will find a space to be visible. After the surgery, the body appears natural. 6-pack abs also last long. The name of the hospital which provides this implant surgery is Masterpiece.

It is a hospital famous for cosmetic surgery. It claimed that it takes 3 to 4 hours to complete the surgery. They implant silicon, it is because silicon doesn’t make a body appear natural. One of the head surgeons of the hospital said they are doing this surgery from 3-4 years now. They have an official license. Every they get requests from 20 to 30 people. 90% of them are those who are doing the workout with all their efforts but are not getting expected results.

This hospital came to the light when a model posted his photo with 6-pack abs on social media. The surgery can be painful but it is safe, the hospital claimed. The recovery process after the surgery can also be painful. Blood loss also happens during the surgery. However, even after knowing that people in Thailand and outside the country are opting for this cosmetic surgery.

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