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Trending Fake Kajol And Ajay Devgn Are Stealing All The Attention on TikTok

Fake Kajol And Ajay Devgn Are Stealing All The Attention on TikTok

Knowing about lookalikes of the Bollywood stars is not something we bringing out of the box. These lookalikes or doppelgangers becomes famous too, all thanks to the fame of the Bollywood stars. And what can be the best way to rise to fame other than the internet? The internet can make you a star overnight.

Today we will tell you about the lookalikes of famous actors, the husband-wife duo, Kajol and Ajay Devgn. Their lookalikes shot to fame from the currently popular video making app, TikTok. Their funny videos are stealing all the attention of social media users.

Pinki Saha

TikTok Id – sahapinki766nisha

She shares almost the same looks as that of Kajol. She has huge number of fan following on TikTok, near about 224.1k. Undoubtedly, the resemblance is uncanny. Watch the compilation of her several videos here:

R Nazeer

TikTok Id – @nazeer_r

This duplicate of Ajay Devgn has been entertaining his 232.4k fans by making throwback videos of the actors’ famous songs. Watch the compilation of his several videos here:

The two of them are entertaining their viewers and making them giggle out. These fun videos are stealing all the limelight on the social media. You can also check them out by following their respective Ids mentioned above.

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