Pakistan Had No Clue About The Fake Minister In Their Country For...

Pakistan Had No Clue About The Fake Minister In Their Country For 6 Years

After the Hulk Man there is another stunning news from Pakistan. The Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan has taken 6 years to arrest a “fake” Minister of Financial and Consumer Affairs. He had been deceiving everyone from government departments to the PM over six years.

Salamat Ali Chauhan played very well and has been obtaining favours from the public and even the government authorities. Not this, he has been looting the people by taking bribes to get their work done. He has had political influence over the authorities and the government never mind to verify the identity of the minister.

fake minister of pakistan

He had an office in Lahore with staff and an official number granted by PTCL. He has also submitted a request to get official cars and security.

Surprisingly, this fake minister wrote letters for office, staff and security to relevant authorities. He also asked for cooperation from Prime Minister and ministry of finance by writing letters which were actually received by them without an verification. Unfortunate to the fake minister, government declined replying to and accepting any of his requests.

Another astonishing fact is that he asked the PM for discussion on unemployment in Pakistan.

FIA has informed the media that request for personal security was accepted and forwarded to the DIG Police for which he wrote to the Lahore District Coordination Officer (DCO). “These are some of the instances as Chauhan has written to the government departments and was not verified”, said FIA.
According to FIA officials, Mr. Chauhan has been shifted to an undisclosed location for further investigation.

Incredible Pakistan!!

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