TV actress caught Red-Handed in NCB raid, arrested with Drug Peddlers

The team of Narcotics Control Bureau has once again made arrests in the drugs case related to the death of Bollywood actor...
News This Is Our India In 2017, Harassment Drives Family To Self-Immolation

This Is Our India In 2017, Harassment Drives Family To Self-Immolation

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Three persons of a family of four including a woman and her two daughters died after they committed self-immolation. The terrifying photo is shared widely on the internet. On the other hand, family head Esakkimuthu is undergoing treatment with third-degree burns.

What led To This Extreme Act?

Harassment Drives Family To Self-Immolation
Source: Deccan Herald

A daily wager from Kasidharmam village near Kadayanallur in Tirunelveli district named Esakkimuthu along with his wife, Subbulakshmi and their two daughters, Mathisaranya (4) and Akshayabaraniya (2) came to protest against the alleged lethargy of the police in front of the district collector’s office. Suddenly, Esakkimuthu doused himself, his wife and children with kerosene and set themselves on fire.

Esakkimuthu’s younger brother, Gopi said:

“As the local police was not taking his complaint, Esakkimuthu sought the intervention of the Tirunelveli district collector and submitted a petition on the issue six times but in vain.”

“With the police and the  district administration having failed him, a deeply dejected Esakkimuthu has resorted to this extreme step of burning himself as he believed at least then the officialdom would wake up to the issue of usury.”

Harassment Drives Family To Self-Immolation
Source: Deccan Chronicle

On the other hand, Sandeep Nanduri, the top local official in Tirunelveli district told the media:

“We have started an investigation over allegations that the police and officials didn’t help the man.”

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