Family Was Using A Bowl To Keep Tennis Balls, They Didn’t Even Know it Worth Rs 34 Crores


Sometimes we witness stories that are so hard to believe. You may have heard stories about the people who were living their worst days under poverty but they found treasure in their backyards and became rich overnight. Some people win lakhs of rupees in the lottery, some inherit a great fortune. However, they are those too who do not even know that they are the richest. Today we will tell about a family of such kind.

A Swiss family who’s having a rare Chinese bronze bowl, using it to keep tennis balls. But you will get surprised to know that the estimated worth of the bowl is 4.9 million Swiss Francs (approximately Rs 34.5 crores). But the family was unaware of it. Luckily, when the family was listing some of their items for auction by the experts from Swiss auctioneers Koller Auctions. That is when they spotted the bowl.

This most expensive Chinese bowl is a rare artefact from the 17th century which is 400 years old. The bowl is a parcel-gilt incense burner and has phoenix heads as handles. Earlier, the owner of the bowl, the Swiss family had bought the bowl with them when they visited China. That time they offer the bowl to be displayed in a museum in Berlin and a British auction but both of them refused their offer.

Afterward, the family started keeping household items in the bowl. Ultimately, the Koller Auctions acquired the artefact and it was auctioned in Hong Kong and was finally sold for a 4.8 million Swiss Francs which approximates to 34 crores in Indian rupees.