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Famous Bollywood Actress Hasn’t Paid Salary to Her Servants From More Than a Month

Bollywood actress Kim Sharma is away from the films but she always remain in the limelight. First, she came in the news when her husband Ali Punjani divorced her, then she grabbed attention for her relationship with 4 years younger actor Harshvardhan Rane.

Now, she is becoming the talk of the town for all wrong reasons. Actually, her domestic help Namrata Solanki has recently filed a complaint with police against her. Namrata accused her of not paying a month’s salary to her.

She further added that when she asked Kim for her salary, the actress refused and threatened to implicate her in false cases if she makes an issue of it. This scared Namrata and she decided to take legal help. She went to the police and registered an FIR.

Namrata has been working at Kim Sharma’s place for the last 6 months. Now after her complaint police will start an investigation in the case. This is not for the first time when Kim Sharma mired in a feud with her domestic help. Earlier, her ex-house help has accused the actress of assaulting her after she forgot to separate the white clothes from the rest of the laundry.

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