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Trending Famous Bollywood Actress' Maid Gets Arrested For Stealing Gold From Her House

Famous Bollywood Actress’ Maid Gets Arrested For Stealing Gold From Her House

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In a shocking news, veteran actress Moushmi Chatterjee’s maid named Sunita, got arrested by the police on the charges of stealing. She has been arrested for stealing a gold ornament from the actress house. According to reports, a gold bangle, worth a lakh is missing from her house in Khar West.

An old photo of veteran actress

Moushmi then filed a complaint with police and just withing 24 hours, the police solved the case. The police found that it was her maid Sunita who stole the gold from her house. The actress had gone out of Mumbai for work last week. When she returned, she couldn’t find a gold bangle worth approximately Rs 1 lakh which had great sentimental value for her. Sunita has been arrested by the police under the section 381 of IPC (theft by clerk/servant of property in possession of the master).

An old photo of veteran actress

According to Times Of India, police said that the house was accessed by four house helps (three of them female) in her absence. The report further states:

“When the police started making inquiries with all the helps, they found one of the maids, Sunita, had not reported to work on Thursday. She would usually come in around 8am and leave by 6pm. The police sent a constable to Sunita’s house at Santa Cruz West but she wasn’t home. Police then inquired with local residents. They learnt Sunita had gone to a jeweller. She was nabbed before she could sell the stolen bangle.”

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