Infotainment Famous People of the World Accused of Faking Their Deaths

Famous People of the World Accused of Faking Their Deaths

Life and death, the two stages of life that are rememberable! There are many famous celebrities in the world whose deaths led to conspiracy theories. Many reports claim some of them just faked their deaths to escape the harsh light of the world. What is the truth only they know? Hence, depending on the claims here are some people whose deaths might have been less than final.

1) Michael Jackson

The legendary singer shocked everyone in 2009 with his sudden death. He died of an accidental prescription drug overdose and joined the long legion of those who passed away in a similar manner. But some theories claim that he was still alive. Proof? A footage revealing Jackson — still alive — walking into the hospital. It might be fake but a doctor said that he was still alive when he arrived at the hospital, despite the official reports saying he died long before the ambulance even arrived at his home.

2) Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president of United States was shot in the back of the head by someone who thought Lincoln was a tyrant. Some theories claim that he faked his death as all the doctors who examined him had contradictory accounts of the way the bullet went inside his head. Plus, he supposedly had dreams for three nights in a row of his own assassination. He himself told this to the people perhaps getting them prepared for what was about to happen.

Lastly, the night of the play, he told his bodyguard, Crook, “Goodbye.” That night was the only night Lincoln ever said that to him — every other time, it had been, “Good night.”


3) Adolf Hitler

There is a chance that this cruel man is still alive. As per the reports, given by an ex CIA agent, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun — cowering in the bunker — did not actually die there. Instead, the pair killed others, burned the bodies, and escaped to Argentina, or somewhere else. 

4) Princess Diana

Princess of Wales, Diana died in a fatal car accident in 1997 in France. But some people believed that she faked her death. But the question is why? The last words of Diana to the people was she was about to recede from public life completely. More interestingly, her driver argues the car wasn’t going as fast as everyone claims. Even more interesting, the car’s normal driver wasn’t used that day, and the security officer who was there is shrouded in mystery.

5) Subhas Chandra Bose

An Indian nationalist whose defiant patriotism made him a hero in India. Known as Netaji he is a much-respected name in Japan. Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash in Japanese-ruled Formosa (now Taiwan). However, many of his supporters, especially in Bengal, refused at the time, and have refused since, to believe either the fact or the circumstances of his death, keeping alive various martial myths about Bose.


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