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Entertainment Famous French Fitness Blogger Rebecca Burger Died From An Exploding Cream Dispenser

Famous French Fitness Blogger Rebecca Burger Died From An Exploding Cream Dispenser

A well-known French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger has died from an exploding cream dispenser. Her family had announced this heartbreaking news on social media. In an unfortunate accident, a pressurized canister which is used to dispense whipped cream exploded and hit her in the chest.

According to the statement from Burger’s Instagram account which read as: “It is with great sadness we announce the death of Rebecca who died the June 18th, 2017 in an accident in the home.”

According to the, in an another Instagram post, her family members warned her fans of the dangers of the dispenser. It reads as: “Here is an example of a siphon that exploded and struck Rebecca’s thorax, resulting in her death. Do not use this kind of utensil in your home. Tens of thousands of the faulty devices are already in circulation.”

Famous French Fitness Blogger Rebecca Burger Died

Source: NY Daily News

Who was Rebecca Burger?

The 33-year-old was a French blogger who wrote about training, fitness, food, and lifestyle. She had over 159,000 followers on Instagram and also had her own youtube channel with around 2,000 subscribers.

She did modeling for health and fitness retailer Women’s Best, which wrote an online tribute, according to The Sun,

“We are sad to have to announce the loss of this wonderful soul. Our French athlete Rebecca Burger died yesterday. Rebecca was a great athlete and a kind and generous person with whom to work. Pray for her to rest in peace and for her family to remain strong. We will always be proud of you Rebecca.”

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