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Famous Hollywood Superstars That Were Found Corona Positive

Arpita Mackelvy



The dangerous Coronavirus has spread to 146 countries. Surpassing around 7000 people Worldwide. Not only ordinary people but also the Hollywood Stars are now in the grip of this dreadfull disease.

We can see the effect of coronavirus everywhere. And due to this, all the people from different places are in the fear badly. Recently British actor Idris Elba has also meant infected with the virus after Tom Hanks and his wife Rita. Idris Elba has given information about himself being corona positive on social media.  Actor Idris Elba has also got test positive for coronavirus. 

Meanwhile sharing a video on Twitter, he said,

‘This morning I got a positive checkup of Covid 19 and found positive. I feel fine There are no symptoms yet, but have since isolated themselves from the possibility of exposure to the virus. Friends, stay home and use your brain. I will keep you updated about me. 

On the contrary Idris Elba, the actor of the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ Christopher Hivju was also found to be Corona virus-positive. Christopher shared a post on his Instagram account. He wrote-

‘I got the corona tested today and the result of Covid 19 has come positive. I and my family have locked myself in the house. Here’s what they tweeted

Apart from this before Elba, Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks and his wife were also found infected with the virus. Apart from Hanks, actress Olga Karilenko, who worked in the film ‘James Bond’, also informed the fans and well-wishers that they are infected with the corona virus. 

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