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Do You Know About These Famous Men That Sunny Leone Dated Before Marrying Daniel Weber?

Sunny Leone is a popular name, she is not famous in India but worldwide. Sunny, before becoming a Bollywood actress was a porn star. Probably, there is any porn star in the world who became so famous even after leaving that industry. It is because we most often heard stories that how after leaving the porn industry, the porn stars get vanished from the limelight.

Daniel Weber Married Sunny Leone

She faced a lot of criticism for her past work. But to get rooted in the Bollywood industry she didn’t care about people and worked hard.

Sunny is married to Daniel Weber and has 3 children – daughter Nisha whom she adopted and sons Asher and Noah whom she got via surrogacy. But do you know before marrying Daniel in 2011, Sunny has dated some other men too?

Matt Erickson

Matt Erickson was born on November 11, 1973, in California, USA. He is an actor and a former Vice President of Marketing at Playboy Enterprises. The two broke up in 2008.

Russell Peters

Russell Dominic Peters is a Canadian stand-up comedian and actor.
In 2013, he listed number three on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid comedians and became the first comedian to get a Netflix stand-up special. Sunny Leone has dated him from 2008 to 2011.

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