The wedding season will continue in 2019 also as one more famous couple has announced their marriage in the coming month of January of new year. The next TV couple to get married is of Sheena Bajaj and Rohit Purohit. Yes, the couple is getting married on January 22 in Rohit’s hometown, Jaipur. Confirming the news of their wedding to the Times of India, Sheena said,

“The Wedding is on the 22nd and the pre-wedding functions, including mehndi, haldi, sangeet and engagement, will be held on the previous day. All functions will be held in Jaipur.”

Rohit further added that because he is a Punjabi and Sheena is a Marwari, hence two wedding functions will be held. Rohit said, “

We plan to follow both the traditions- Marwari and Punjabi.”

There is an age gap of five years between the couple. Commenting on that, Rohit told the paper,

“The age factor doesn’t really matter. In fact, in my case, my parents felt that I was ready for marriage when I turned 22. So, in that sense, I am already late (laughs!). Sheena and I have been together for five years and it felt right to take the plunge.”

Heartiest congratulations to the couple!