News Famous TV Actress' Car Hits 7 Vehicles, Gets Arrested For Drunk Driving

Famous TV Actress’ Car Hits 7 Vehicles, Gets Arrested For Drunk Driving

Popular TV actress Ruhi Singh gets arrested by the police for misbehaving with them and then ramming her car into other 7 parked vehicles in Mumbai. This whole incident happened around 2 am when Ruhi and her two male friends, Rahul and Swapnil, were driving back from a party.

While they were on their way, one of them wanted to use washroom, therefore, they stopped their car at a popular restaurant which was on the Linking Road. However, it was late night and the restaurant’s staff members denied them by saying it was shut for the day and they couldn’t open it. The trio then lost their cool and started abusing the staffers and banging the door. This made the staff call police.

Even then the trio didn’t stop and they reportedly misbehaved with them as well. Raged with all this and in the drunk state, the actress rammed her car at Santacruz damaging 7 vehicles, out of which, four were two-wheelers whereas, 3 were cars.

A video of the incident is now doing the rounds where Ruhi Singh can be seen arguing with people who had gathered around her car. Watch it below:

The three of the culprits, Ruhi Singh, Swapnil and Rahul are in police custody now.

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