Entertainment Famous TV Actress Injured by a Fan For Playing Negative Character

Famous TV Actress Injured by a Fan For Playing Negative Character

Some people are die hard fans of serials and their favorite actors that they take reel-life things so seriously. But they have to understand the difference what is happening on-screen is far away from the reality. Something like that happened with a famous TV actress.

Amrapali Gupta starrer Qubool Hai may have gone off-air, but she is still known for her character in the show. She was celebrating her birthday on December 19, while doing that, Amrapali visited the temple to seek blessings, but she returned home with bruises and marks all over her body.

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It is because an old lady who was keen fan of the serial ‘Qubool Hai’, pushed her thinking she is Tanveer of Qubool Hai in real life. While talking to Spotboye, Amarpali said,

“I went to temple last evening. I was surrounded by fans who were clicking pictures with me, and just then, an old lady came from nowhere and pushed me. She couldn’t stop shouting and said that I am a bad woman and I have been unfair to others, all because I played Tanveer on-screen. I didn’t know how to react. She was an old woman, I couldn’t have done anything. I am really hurt but still, in hindsight, the strangely comforting bit is that she remembers my work. But isn’t this so dangerous for me?”

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