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High Life Fantasies During Masturbation: Crazy Thoughts Men And Women Have While Self-Stimulation

Fantasies During Masturbation: Crazy Thoughts Men And Women Have While Self-Stimulation

During this period of social distancing and quarantine, there is nothing better than some self sexual stimulation. However, there are different fantasies that people have while masturbating. And today we are sharing some really crazy fantasies. From some super hot and emotional fantasies to thinking about the ex, here are some of the most common things people think while masturbating.

Thinking about their Ex:

There are many people who think about their ex while masturbating. Although they hardly admit. Sometimes there are chances that people think of their Ex despite being in a relationship.

Fantasies about the People they have never met:

When it comes to masturbating, some people think about someone they never met. It could be anyone. Whether a random face or maybe someone with whom they have to spend a day.

The imagination of other couples having sex:

While masturbating there are some people who think about couples making love. To satisfy themselves they continuously keep thinking about a couple whom they imagine. And they necessarily may not think of them any other time.

Visualizing about getting dominated in a bizarre way:

Some people have crazy fantasies while masturbating. They often think about being dominated in a submissive way. Although the fantasies can range from romantic to bizarre. But as long as they are not harming you, they are all good to go.

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