Bollywood Actor Farhan Akhtar Speaks About Gangrape With Pregnant Goat, Says Even Animals Are Not Safe!

What are Indian men up to? They are becoming deadly monsters day by day. Not only children and women but now it seems even animals are not safe in our country. Recently, the country witnessed a horrific incident of eight men raping a pregnant goat in Haryana near Mewat. All the 8 men were booked for having forceful and unnatural sex with a goat. The animal was pregnant at the time when the assault took place. The goat died soon after.

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This merciless crime took place on July 25 late evening at Maroda village. Many people including some Bollywood celebrities expressed anger and disgust over this ridiculous incident that ashamed humanity. Bollywood star Farhan Akhtar strongly criticised the Haryana goat rape case and said

“something has gone seriously wrong in the evolution and education”

The actor-director took to Twitter and tweeted,

“Women and children living in fear of the Indian man’s power politics and sexual perversion were not enough… now goats and dogs will too. Something has gone seriously wrong in our evolution and our education. Where’s the light at the end of this tunnel?”

Following the incident, a #JusticeForGoat campaign was also launched on Twitter. A number of twitteratis raised concern over this inhuman act.

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