Farmer Earned Only 13 Rupees After Selling 1123 Kg Of Onion

After reading this news, you can guess the condition of farmers in India. These days the condition of farmers in India is very pathetic. First, the unseasonal rains ruined the ready crops in the fields and where the crops were not wasted, the quality of the crops there deteriorated. Due to poor quality, farmers are not getting fair price for their crops. In this connection, a surprising case has come to light from Solapur, Maharashtra.


Farmer earned 13 rupees after selling 1123 kg onion

Despite the increase in onion prices during the winter season, a farmer in Solapur, Maharashtra, earned only Rs 13 after selling 1123 kg of onions. While on one hand the farmer leader of Maharashtra has termed it as unacceptable, on the other hand a commission agent has claimed that the quality of onion grown by the farmer was poor, due to which the low price of his crop has been imposed in the market.

Rs 1665.50 received in exchange for 1123 kg of onion

Onion seller

In a sales receipt given by a commission agent based in Solapur, a farmer from Maharashtra, Bappu Kavde, sent 1,123 kg of onions to the market and got only Rs 1,665.50 in return. This includes labor cost, weighing charges and transportation cost of moving goods from farm to commission agent shop while production cost is Rs 1,651.98. This means that the farmer earned only Rs 13.

Swabhimani Shetkari Sangathan leader and former Lok Sabha MP Raju Shetty, who tweeted the sale receipt of Kavde, said, “What will someone do with these 13 rupees. this is unacceptable. The farmer sent 24 sacks of onions from his farm to the commission agent’s shop and in return he earned only Rs 13 from it.”

Farmer in trouble

Let us tell you that the situation of farmers in almost all parts of the country remains the same. These days the farmer of the country is surrounded by many problems. Where on one side the unseasonal rains completely ruined the crops of the farmers. On the other hand, manure has put a dent in the nose of the farmers. Due to the shortage of manure, its black marketing is happening on a large scale. Taking wrong advantage of the helplessness of the farmers, the fertilizer shopkeepers are selling fertilizers at high prices.