Kajol Devgan Shared Video On The Occasion Of Dussehra: Watch It Out

Kajol took to Instagram to share photos of herself on the occasion of Dussehra.
News Fashion Diva Facing Backlash Amidst Bihar Floods

Fashion Diva Facing Backlash Amidst Bihar Floods

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Bihar floods are occupying headlines on every print, broadcast and online medium. Amidst this, there is a fashion design student Aditi Singh from NIFT who captures the attention for her photo session. The student was seen posing professionally like a model with the Patna floods as the background. Heights of creativity were crossed when the photos were posted by her photographer friend Saurav Anuraj with the caption ‘Mermaid In Disaster’.

Aditi Singh During Her Photoshoot
The Photos Of ‘Mermaid In Disaster’

Is It Wrong Or Right?

It is a very debatable discussion to get on a point if her post during a distastrous condition was right or wrong. To the ones supporting her and the photographer consider it completely creative and artistic and support them by stating the fact that they were just working. While on the other hand, people criticising them question if seeking attention was that important than helping the affected ones in the floody situations. As a revert to this, few of the supporters shouted back by saying if the ones who are extra- cautious had put any efforts themselves in helping or not?

A Comment On The Photos Uploaded By Saurav
People Appreciating The Photoshoot

A Single Post Made The Girl Roast!

Surely the girl might not have imagined if her normal photoshoot would fetch her so many eyes. Her friend’s single ‘Social Media Move’ welcomed the entire public to take interest in the chess of their personal and creative lives. Well, in a democratic country where everyone has the right to speak and share what ever they feel like, this news has come up as the best example of ‘Freedom Of Expression’. The present situations see the girl in the courtroom being questioned by everyone. Apart from all of this, what worked wonders for her photographer friend and her was the trending viral photos and videos of their work.

Mixed Reactions Of People
Videos Of Behind The Scenes Of The Photoshoot
A Completely ‘Against’ Stand For The Photoshoot

This will give some more creative ideas to others to portray their talent in a different way. Again, ‘creative’ ideas for some shall be taken as ‘weird’ for others. But then every coin has two sides!

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