Fast Food Makes You Fat To Taking Shower Too Often Here Are Some Facts That Turns Out To Be A Myth

Old knowledge is not only erroneous but also useless. So it’s important to know the actual thing. Day to day we often find ourselves in a situation where an indisputable truth turns out to be a myth. It’s hard to put up with it, but you have to adapt to the changing myth and change your habits.

Writing Notes helps remember information

Just to remember something we need to write notes. Why does the brain need to store information that is already written in a notebook? It makes no sense to memorize what is already saved. Therefore, do not try to remember recipes, phone numbers, or shopping lists that you have saved on paper or in the application. Scientists argue that notes do not contribute to memorization.

Fast food and soda make you fat

Another myth found by scientists is that lovers of soda and fast food are less likely to be overweight than fans of “healthy food”. It’s not about fast food, it’s about calories. It has been scientifically proven that people gain excess weight due to extra calories. In order not to get better, you need to consume the number of calories that correspond to your lifestyle.

Showering too often is always useful

Scientists warn that showering too often makes people more susceptible to harmful bacteria and contagious diseases. Over time, fans of hygiene begin to experience problems with digestion and the heart. In order not to weaken natural immunity, you need not do so.

Excessive exercise is good for health

Recent scientific studies have shown that excessive provokes the production of cortisol. Excess hormone reduces bone density. A decrease in bone density is the first sign of arthritis, osteoporosis, and a number of other diseases. It is also dangerous to expose the body to physical stress with iron deficiency anemia.

Loud hysterical Laughter is good for health

Everyone knows that laughter and a good mood are good for health. However, loud, hysterical laughter can provoke a hernia of the abdomen or a headache. Therefore laughter can cause breathing problems, fainting, and a dislocated jaw. Scientists advise not to forget about caution even when it’s a lot of fun.

A low-fat diet makes you slim

Plump and fat people should be ashamed to believe in a low-fat diet. Insufficient intake of fatty foods can lead to many health problems. To lose weight, you need to create a slight calorie deficit. For this, an online calculator will help you calculate your own calorie intake.

Humans use just 10% of their brain

Our brains work around the clock throughout our lives. A person daily uses almost the entire cerebral cortex. Our head works, even during sleep. It is enough to think with your head so as not to become easy prey for scammers.

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