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Infotainment What Can Happen If You Don't Earn A Medal ? Read The...

What Can Happen If You Don’t Earn A Medal ? Read The Fate Of North Korean Rio Olympic Players

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As if competing in the Rio Olympics and representing the nation at an international level was itself not good enough for some people. The North Korean players who failed to achieve any medals in the rio olympics are going to be great trouble as the dictator of the country Kim Jong has decided to make them labour in the coal mines after they return to the country after competing in the games.

In one hand countries like our very own India welcomes their athletes with open hearts besides failing to bag any medals, on the other hand there are some countries who are doomed to such an extent that instead of appraisal they would be punished.

Not only this, ration cards of these players will also be taken away from them and this is going to be a bigger problem. This is so because in North Korea foods are only available at ration shops and without ration cards, the players won’t be able to purchase any food.

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Adding to the misery, not only the players who have lost in the Rio Olympics but also their family members will have to suffer the agony as Kim Jong will make them work in the coal mines too.

The unreasonably stupid dictator is unhappy of the fact that his players failed to achieve the target of total 5 gold medals which he gave to the players of North Korea. The players even bagged two gold medal for the country and he is still not happy about the fact.

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