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Father Burns His Daughter Alive For Not Giving Money to Buy Alcohol




In a dreadful incident, an insensitive and brutal father set his daughter on fire after she refused to give him money to buy alcohol.
The incident has taken place at Memari police station area in East Burdwan district, West Bengal. The deceased girl, Saraswati Khetrapal (19), was a higher secondary student at Memari Rasiklal Smriti Balika Vidyalaya.

Saraswati was from a poor family and used to live with her parents in a single-storied roof house at Memari’s Hatpukur College Para locality. She has aspirations to become something in future, she was a bright student as well. To support her studies, Saraswati used to give tuition to children in her village. The police officials said that,

“Her father, Shankar Khetrapal, has all along been an alcoholic. He often used to demand money from Saraswati from whatever little she earned from imparting tuition.”

Shankar came home in an inebriated state and demanded some money from his daughter to buy another bottle of alcohol. To which Sarawati refused and went to her room to take a nap. This raged her father and he poured kerosene on Saraswati and set her on fire and locked her room’s door so that she can’t reach to any water body to douse the fire flames. His wife was away on domestic work at that time.

When the neighbours heard her painful screams, they immediately took her to the hospital. She had suffered 80 per cent burns and ultimately she died after some hours of treatment in the hospital.


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