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World Father Marries His 4 Years Old Daughter And Here's The Heart-wrenching Reason!

Father Marries His 4 Years Old Daughter And Here’s The Heart-wrenching Reason!

Life at the age of 2, 3, 4…. is the age of learning new things. Most kids at the age of four would think of playing or going to school there are no worries all you have to concentrate on is playing and learning. But a young Chinese girl isn’t most kids. After constantly battling cancer for over two years, there’s little hope for Yaxin – a four-year-old with advanced stage acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and could die within two months if not treated.

What is acute lymphoblastic leukaemia?

It is the most common childhood cancer. It occurs when a bone marrow cell develops errors in its DNA.

Counting her last days, Yaxin expressed her wish to be a bride to her father. Everyone got surprised but looking at the innocent face and cute immature Yaxin, his father decided to have a special wedding ceremony at the hospital. Yuan Dongfang, the father of the four-year-old girl, acted as the groom for the ceremony. 4 years old Yaxin became a little bride and was draped in a white towel around her waist and another towel over her head as the veil to mimic a wedding dress.

His father Yuan said,

“She might not understand the meaning of getting married. She might just think that it is a wonderful thing and therefore wants to do it. She could go home to find her playmates, go to the zoo or school, find a job or get married.”

The curious one then asked her father when she could get married and if he could be her “boyfriend” or “husband.” Yuan’s family has spent approximately ¥600,000 ($87,000) on Yaxin’s treatment. The distressed family has received ¥150,000 through donations from the online fund-raising campaign but is in dire need for further funds. Yuan said,

“She really wants to keep on living healthily. She is so innocent, native, cute and mature. We cannot leave her behind. We hope kind-hearted people in society could help us save our beloved daughter.”

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