Colours cannot be defined yet have a definition of their own!



Red is the colour of passion and strength. It is the colour of the bold and the beautiful/handsome. It symbolizes your satisfaction with your own self. No matter whatever be your situation, you tend to be sure of your own self and always maintain an edge. They love your communication too.


Green symbolizes neutrality. It is the ones who are cooperative, who try and understand every situation. They make their points viable but also give in their best to not to hurt someone or defy someone. Their sensuality remains hidden and they are great shopaholics.


Subtle yet elegant is the phrase for you. If you like white, you are outgoing yet conservative. There always exists a dualism in those who like White. They make their statements stand out but do not talk much of an out spark. They are sensual, edgy but very conscious for whatever happens around them.


Black is for the ambiguous. You are bold, volatile, confident, yet no one can define you. You like to come across new people. Yes, you cannot accept things easily and have a space of your own which you cannot let everyone enter. You are clear with your words and also impressive enough to woo people!


First and foremost you relish food! You write well and love nature. You are not that outgoing as people think you to be. You like to be practical with your hint of sophistication. You believe way too much in stars and hope for a change too frequently.


You love the exposure. You like to be intellectual. Loyalty matters a lot to you and you like to empathize with people. You are rugged but simple. Your smile contains your biggest asset. You have a great sense of humour but you lack way too much of patience.


You are friendly and love your style. You are confident enough to carry it well. However there always lies a kind of an insecurity within you, which you don’t let out easily. You are friendly and jovial. You try your best to be your own self.

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