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Entertainment Untold Story Of Hunterwali Fearless Nadia, The Alleged Inspiration Behind Film Rangoon

Untold Story Of Hunterwali Fearless Nadia, The Alleged Inspiration Behind Film Rangoon

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Fearless Nadia is back! Yes, just over eight decades after she first appeared on the film screens she is back with Vishal Bhardwaj’s film Rangoon.She was the strong character of her films who single-handedly fought off all the villains with her daredevil stunts. She was also called as the female Robin Hood.

stunt queen of India

The popular superheroes that emerged in this era, the 1930s, like Superman who debuted in 1938, Batman in 1939 and Wonder Woman in 1941 are still the legends. The same period, India had also introduced a woman fictional character that burst onto the screen. She was a versatile character who first showcased as a princess, then a masked vigilante, juggling whips, swords, guns and even smashing villains with her bare hands.


Born as Mary Ann Evans, in Perth, Australia in 1908 to a British soldier father and Greek mother, she moved to Bombay in 1913 when her father got stationed there. Her most of the films were blockbusters as she featured as the champion of truth and justice in almost all her roles. The Indian audience appreciated her to the core. The audience also got inspired by her daring stunts and exotic costumes. She got popularity as a superwoman the times when in India there was an orthodox period for women. 

Kangana Ranaut

In 1961, Nadia married Homi Wadia. Homi Wadia gave her the name Fearless Nadia after she sportingly jumped off the roof of a studio set during a shoot. Talking about today, Vishal Bhardwaj’s forthcoming film Rangoon is on the floor to hit the screens on February 24 and it is said in his film the role of Kangana Ranaut as Jaanbaz Miss Julia is inspired from Fearless Nadia. Is it true or not! well, find it out by watching the film!

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