Ever since the little munchkin of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan was born he is in news constantly. The 2 years old shares popularity like a superstar. Every little detail of him makes headlines in media. He has a huge number of fans. Wherever he goes paparazzi follow him. This also bothers his family and they have a complaint about it many times.

However now, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are mired in another trouble. Their neighbours are fed up of Taimur’s popularity. The matter has now become legal trouble as they filed a complaint against paparazzi in the police station.

To click Taimur’s latest photos, paparazzi stand outside Saif and Kareena’s building day and night in a huge number. This troubles the other residents of the building. After this complaint by neighbours, police took the action and asked paparazzi to move.

Saif also said that Taimur is a kid and paparazzi’s hi-tech flashing cameras can affect his eyes. This is why he asked the paparazzi stop taking his pictures. He requested them but nothing happened. Taimur is one of the popular starkids and has a huge fanbase nationwide.