High Life FedEx Employee Speaks Out About Stopping Flag Burning Protest In Iowa City

FedEx Employee Speaks Out About Stopping Flag Burning Protest In Iowa City

An eastern Iowa FedEx employee, Marin Uhrin who becomes a celebrity overnight after stopping flag burning protest in Iowa city spoke out.

He said,

“I don’t feel like I deserve the praise, I never wanted it. It’s humbling, you know, it is. It really hurts when you see the flag disgraced.”

The flag burning protest took place near the pedestrian mall next to the University of Iowa campus (USA). Marin Uhrin snatched the flag from the protestors and protected it from burning. After the incident, an online petition was built in order to help Uhrin keep his job. This petition received more than 3,500 signatures.

After seeing this, the FedEx company tweeted from its official account,

Marin Uhrin said,

“The ones that are really the heroes are the ones that were injured, maimed, killed, the ones that never got to see home again. They’re the heroes, I want people to realize I don’t have a Twitter. I’m not gonna be out there asking for stuff. If you want to buy me a meal, if you want to buy me a beer, if you wanna send me gift cards or something, I would rather you guys take that money, and there’s a plethora list of veteran charities that are so in need of money.”

Watch his heroic video here:


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