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High Life Feelings Of A Broken Heart In The Form Of Poem

Feelings Of A Broken Heart In The Form Of Poem

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What happens when you are betrayed from one whom you loved truly? A feeling of left alone arises and you realise that it was not that what I was involved in.

Here is a poem expressing the feelings when you realise the truth:

broken heart poem

My life was embroidered
When I entered that world
Happiness was no more bordered
Like a dog fetched a bone
I thought every sorrow is gone
But the reality is
It was just a dream going on

It was like a heaven
There was no painheart break poem
I don’t remember anything
Except what I gain
But one thing about which I moan
Is the reality that
It was a dream going on

It was like all stars in my pockets
Feelings enough to full buckets
Its weird because everything is gone
When I knew the reality that
It was a dream going on

Here is the explanation of the poem:

In the poem poet describes the moments when he was in true love with the girl. In the starting lines of every paragraph he uses different ways to mentions that he was happy and had no worries. But in the last line of every paragraph he mentions the truth that he realised the reality.

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