Love is the most universal thing known to mankind but as humans we fail to realize how vast the scope of this four lettered magical word is. Like a rainbow with many colors, Love is profound and limitless and can never be bound or categorized. If it’s something much too basic, it is also the most intoxicating and complex emotion we can experience.


If you’ve ever been deeply in love with that one friend that you’ve cherished all your life and loved day and night who is about to get married or already have got married then you can relate to this story all too well.

  1. Love, for you, has always been that one person and the thought of her getting married to someone else is agonizing.
  2. You try/tried with all your might to convince her for not taking such a step giving all the right as well as silly reasons you could probably think of.
  3. Every time she talks about her marriage, you go through a bundle of mixed emotions as you are Happy for her but you are hurting deep inside.
  4. You mentally prepare yourself, every day, to face her wedding and your doomsday.
  5. Not attending the Wedding is no where an option, you can’t run and you can’t hide because it’s your best friend and the love of your life as you know it.
  6. You crave to spend each moment of the day with her; calling her several times a day making up early for every moment you think might miss once she starts her new life.
  7. You never fail to tell her how much she means to you and how your love for her will never change or cease to exist.
  8. You can’t stand the face of her husband even if there’s no particular reason. (WTH! Reason she’s marrying him is enough to dislike him already)
  9. You keep telling yourself that you’ll be fine but deep down you know you’ll be missing her like crazy.
  10. You make promises to love each other unconditionally for the rest of your lives.


Loving your best friend is not only the most wonderful feeling but it is also the purest and the most innocent of feelings. Make most of the time you have with the ones you love and never let them go! (Yes! Not even if they get married ;)..)

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