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Femina celebrates women on it’s 60th anniversary!

Femina celebrates women on it’s 60th anniversary!

Dolly Bhardwaj

Femina, the magazine which is an amazing accumulation of beauty, entertainment, information and communication, all in one, has successfully completed it’s sixty years. Femina celebrated it’s sixty year anniversary in a marvelous way by celebrating women. It gave place to three of the most strong women from the various fields. Presenting you Deepika Padukone, PV Sindhu and Kiran Majumdar Shaw!

Cheers to these ladies!

Femina very aptly chose a colour scheme with the shades of brown and ochre to appreciate these ladies from various areas. Their success has been because of the hard work and that’s what Femina wanted to highlight. Where Deepika Padukone has created name in the field of entertainment and is a brilliant actress, there on the other hand PV Sindhu is a gold winner badminton player in world championship. Not forgetting Kiran Majumdar Shaw, she is chairperson of IIM, Bangalore. She rose to these heights by beginning with hard work and landing up as a great entreprenuer.

Deepika Padukone
PV Sindhu
Kiran Shaw

What an amazing cover page!

The cover page shows these ladies posing with great strength and confidence. The tag line says that Femina celebrates ‘You’. This attracts the readers as it is intended towards us! With amazing combination of colours and attractive bold text, this cover page surely gets a thumbs up!

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