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Few Things Which We Indians Do Differently From The Rest Of The World

Few Things Which We Indians Do Differently From The Rest Of The World


Like-wise any other society or culture, we Indians also manifest our special traditions, customs, lifestyle and habits through our unique behaviour which are a bit different from the rest of he world.

And these notably different and unusual things has somewhat become a second identity for an Indian wherever in the world he/she maybe. So here are (some little witty, a little teasing and a handful on our face) few things which we Indians do that may drive the rest of the world nuts !

1.  Yes/No /Maybe/ Perhaps /OK/Thanks/ sure/not sure/why not/agree/disagree- whatever it may be, we Indians use the same expression and that is the famous Indian head bobble.

2. We unknowingly stare at couples, girls, boys, foreigners, fellow Indians with a gaze that can put an X Ray machine to shame and while doing so we very conveniently shrug it off thinking ourselves a good observer rather than a creepy pervert.

 3. However sad we may be, our mood instantly lifts up by the second we hear someone say Party, Cricket (especially if it’s India V/S Pak) and End Of Season sale.

 4. We cannot stop ourselves from shedding a tear every now and then and to be precise, mostly at these occasions : When we are sad, when we are happy or when we are cutting onions which we do minimum three times a day, be it anyone’s marriage or just an TV serial.

5. We Indians make sure we do not take out the plastic seat covers from our new cars for the whole year and if possible more than that.

8. We come back home from a continental dinner, realising that we are still hungry and head straight to the kitchen searching for left over Dal and Rice to finally settle our hunger and heart as well.

9. We happily spare 1000’s in stupid lunch and dinner paying so much tax but spend 5 minutes fighting with the Sabjiwala to spare 10 Rs in the overall purchase amount plus asking him to add complimentary Mirchi and Dhaniya. 

10. At a buffet, it’s every Indians moral responsibility to grab and taste every 25 dishes which is being served plus every desert even if it means groaning and rolling in the bed and consuming Hajmola or Digene tabs to cope up with the effect.

11. The word ‘Dump’ doesn’t exist for us. We store, re-use and re-use and re-use everything. Be it plastic bags, horlicks or chyawanprash containers to old clothes turned mop, Indian kitchen is the home for all.

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12. We have an instant liking for someone when we discover that he belongs to the same state or holds the same last name.

13.  We don’t hesitate a bit to ask personal questions like relationship status or salary from the person sitting next to us during a bus or auto ride.

15. We do not feel guilty of throwing trash in the roads or sideways because it is already so dirty.

16. The first thing which we lookout for in the morning newspaper is our horoscope to start our day in a positive note and to make sure we do not end up doing what is being asked not to be done.

Well that’s a few of the thousand unusual things which we Indians do making us different from the rest of the world. Feel free to share the article if you loved it and do not forget to drop some more relevant things in the comments section below which you think only an Indian can do.

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