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Have You Ever Heard Dogomance? Weird! Bollywood Is Making A Film Based On Love Story Of Dogs

There are many pet lovers all around the world and hence there are many films made in the past on a love humans share with dogs. However, have you ever watched a film based on the love story of dogs? Wierd, Isn’t it! 

Love story of dogs

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Bollywood is all set to make a film based on this topic these days. The film is titled as Brunie. Yes, you heard it right! This interesting romantic love story of dogs is a musical story of the romance between the two dogs. 

The plot of the story revolves around the female dog Brunie and male dog Kalu. Also, these both are playing the lead roles in the film. The film is written and directed by Suraj Chitre and the shooting of the film is under process at Shillong. 

If you are thinking the film is fully based on dogs, then you are wrong. Actually, along with the love story of dogs, the relationship of a female dog she shares with her young caretaker will also be the highlight of the film.

Rayo Bakhirta

The film is also featuring Pyar Ka Punchnama fame Rayo Bakhirta and Rahul Kumar and Manasvi Athwale. She is debuting with this film in Bollywood. The film will be going to release this year.

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