Bollywood in loss

The entertainment industry has been affected badly due to coronavirus lockdown. As per the data, the film industry could suffer 985 crore loss(130 million) in May.

We all know that due to coronavirus loads of things have been badly affected. Especially in the film industry. The shooting of films is stopped and the cinema is also closed, new films are not being released. People associated with the film industry are suffering a lot and the government is also not getting income tax from them.

According to the reports, The filmmakers have stopped their projects for a year. Also, a filmmaker said that making a film right now is equivalent to playing a gamble. In all the filmmaker’s opinion, people will avoid going to crowded areas, including theaters, even after the lockdown opens. And therefore it would be risky for them to start any project.

Loss of Millions of rupees

It is being told that if the situation takes more time to settle down, it will take approximately 2 years for the things to get back on track. Several reports have claimed that the film industry is expected to face a loss of $ 130 million due to this coronavirus. Apart from this the daily wage workers and junior workers have come to standstill. However, many celebrities in the film world have come forward to help these people.


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