Rhea Accepts She Kept Drugs In Late Actor’s Staff Room

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High Life Julie 2 - What is The Fine Difference Between a Vulgar And...

Julie 2 – What is The Fine Difference Between a Vulgar And a Bold Movie?

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Film Julie 2, a bold film has already hit the silver screens. It is the story of the rise and fall of an ambitious actress has a familiar ring to it. A lot of the experiences that Julie (Raai Laxmi) goes through seem inspired by the events that transpired in the life of actress Nagma. As same as its first sequel Julie, the film includes many bold scenes. As many celebrities revealed that giving bold scenes in a film is a bit difficult. The shots for bold scenes are similar to normal scenes unless some extreme boldness is involved, e.g. nude scene.

But at many places, especially in India bold scenes are often consider as obscene or vulgar. However, there exists a fine line between vulgar and bold. Bold scenes are needed to portray the particular character of the film. Boldness is a genre of films that is high on erotic content. It doesn’t in anyway imply, vivid sex scenes.

Vulgar on the other hand, is an indecent exposure often come committed the sexual gratification of the offender or committed to enticing a sexual response. And it is true that every film is made for money. That’s why in the promos or in the trailers of the film such scenes are added by the makers. Hence, including such scenes invite a large part of the audience and helps the film to do a good business.

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