Entertainment Mother - This Will Likely Be The Year 2017’s Most Hated Film

Mother – This Will Likely Be The Year 2017’s Most Hated Film

Movies affect a big part of people who really fond of them. There are some films in the history that became infamous for pushing audiences beyond what they’re willing to accept. There is a defined thinking behind when someone buys tickets for a film — particularly one released by a renowned studio — that it’s going to fit within certain constraints but when films reach beyond that, the result can be an utter resentment.

In this line, the latest film is Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem starrer Mother is a story of a married couple living in an old, restored house. The film was premiered at the Venice International Film Festival recently. (It’s also playing at the Toronto International Film Festival). And in cinema houses the film scheduled to release on September 15. The trailer of the film shows that it is a haunted-house movie to a paranoid thriller. It seems movie is all about unusual events, distracted relationships, the creative process, and the way men manipulate women and take them for granted. But Mother! is also a piece of taboo-breaking cinematic insanity, and the big question is whether it will appreciate by the audience or not?

The theme of the film?

It is a psychological thriller drama. It is horrific. The Rosemary’s Baby comparisons are apt not so much in the plot as they are in tone and thematic subject matter.

Story of the film?

Jennifer Lawrence’s the “Mother”  is married to an ageing poet struggling with writer’s block Javier Bardem. They live in an old and restored house. Things went wrong when an older gentlemen played by Ed Harris shows up, Bardem’s character is charmed, in no small part because The Man is a huge fan, and wants to meet his favorite poet before he dies. The character played by Bardem invites him to stay in their home. However, Lawrence’s character is against of it. Then The Man’s wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the rest of his family show up, and Lawrence is trapped in a whirlwind of chaos as her life becomes completely unglued.

The way things have shown in the film are contradicting at some point. Hence, could be the reason why that this film will likely be the most hated film of the year 2017. The film is slated to release on September 15th.

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