Trending The First and the Most Acknowledged Woman Detective in India!

The First and the Most Acknowledged Woman Detective in India!

Rajani Pandit is regarded as the first Indian private investigator who has gained much recognition due to her impressive work, and has clients all across India and in different parts of the world. Even though her profession has been one of a kind and the least regarding for women in India, she has had the guts to endure it all!!!

While talking about her venture, she mentions, “Each case had some experiences in store for me. I had read some years ago, ‘A detective is born, not made’.”

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Rajani-PanditHer work and ambition completely reflects her dedication in knowing that knowledge and experience are never born but gained through life. She has been a fine example for all the Indians to be pursuing something which is considered a deed of great strength and courage.

Known as the SPY Girl on India, she has received a lot of awards and has gained many applauds in her corner. She specializes in personal, employment and corporate cases pertaining to fraud, kidnapping, divorce etc.

india_11She is a fine example that women seriously have annexed men over years! So Men, next time you need some surely know where to refer to!!

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