India First Became The Victim Of Rapist, Then System's And Now This Minor...

First Became The Victim Of Rapist, Then System’s And Now This Minor Is Raising The Child Of Her Rapist

Yes! this girl is 16 years old and was raped when she was just 14. This girl belongs to Bahraich District of Bihar. She is illiterate and her father so. Her mother passed away and she was living with her father in extreme poverty.

Her father somehow managed to spend on the marriage of her elder sister. But it became difficult for him to manage the same for her. So, he sent her daughter to Lukhnow with a man named Abhiyukt who claimed that there will be some financial help from the government in Lukhnow. Instead, he raped the minor in Lukhnow, again raped her in Nanapara and also raped her when they were returning to home.

Before Two Years

Firstly the girl did not tell anyone after returning home, but after six months of the incident, the ladies of neighbours started asking her as her womb became visible. So she revealed the truth and her father filed a complaint against Abhiyukt aged 55 on 24th June 2016. As she belongs to Scheduled Caste, Abhiyukt was expected to arrest on the support. But nothing happened and the girl gave birth to a child.

When a reporter from BBC covered the story, he got to know that there was something fishy in the complaint and medical reports of a girl. Her age was mentioned 18 in the reports. As per Sc/St Act, the girl was expected to take compensation of worth 2-3 Lakhs but there was nothing. There was no proper investigation let alone compensation. When the reporter of BBC asked this to Police and CO they said that they will send it tomorrow itself.

This is how the system and criminals can play with lives of poor and illiterate people. So, we should be aware now and don’t let those people spoil any more lives. We should be thankful to BBC who covered that story and now her rapist is arrested.


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