First glimpse of Farhan Akhtar in Ms. Marvel unveiled. Watch

Farhan Akhtar’s first look from Ms Marvel has at last been dropped. The Disney+ show, which spins around a Pakistani- origin girl in the US getting superpowers, released its first episode on Wednesday, June 8. In the meantime, Disney+ Hotstar posted a teaser that uncovered first look of Farhan from the show.

In the teaser, Farhan is seen wearing a robe in shades of yellow and red. He is also wearing mid-shoulder level hair and a full-grown beard. His character is seen imparting wisdom to Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan. He tells her,  “What you seek is seeking you,” which echoes in the following scene. The new video, which featured The Weeknd’s tune Blinding Lights, additionally showed the teen superhero in fight sequences, as well as some dance moves in an ethnic dress.

Farhan’s fans were glad to see him in the Marvel series after a long wait. One commented, ” Damn finally,” while another wrote, “Man!!! Finally they showed you in the tv spot. Was waiting for the series like hell. Kamala is really one of my favourite characters.” Another commented, “Can’t wait to see you.”