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Five Tips for Travelling Solo

Five Tips for Travelling Solo

Rimple Verma

Whether it’s your 12th trip abroad or your first, travelling solo can be a daunting experience. But it doesn’t have to be! With enough wits about you and a healthy dose of research, no country or language barrier is too much for any of us. So get a ticket for that international poker tournament. Go visit the Great Wall. Young or old, man or woman, on a budget or living it up (which we’ve covered before at here), here are a handful of tips that can help to make your expedition a resounding success.

Food and Drink Abroad

First things first, you’re going to need to keep yourself healthy, and healthy means lots of food and drink along the way. Be sure to plan and accommodate any personal dietary requirements before setting off, be sure to learn a few basic recipes, and above all: be adventurous. Don’t be afraid to go out to restaurants alone. Don’t be afraid to be curious, to roll the dice. Depending on where you’re headed in the world, foreign cuisine can be a rollercoaster for your palate, for better or for worse. And if your stomach really isn’t happy, well, there’s bound to be a nearby McDonald’s somewhere.

Nightlife: Clubs, Casinos, Markets

Solo adventures are more dangerous than group trips, that’s true without a doubt. Still, with the right precautions and common sense there’s no reason to restrict yourself to a certain itinerary or area of a particular city. If you want to go out clubbing, go! Just keep an eye on your drink, and how many of them you’ve downed so far. You’ve got to watch your own back.

The same goes for things like night markets, festivals or casinos. Be brave. Alternatively, use the internet. Compare sites and games to play at if you can’t find a location in town. Convenient. Fun. A great way to blow off steam at the hostel, be it blackjack or hold ’em or slots till the sun comes up.

Breaking Down the Language Barrier

One of the biggest reasons many of us are scared to travel is the language barrier. Maybe your English isn’t perfect, or your French, or maybe you’ve never spoken a word of Japanese in your life. So what? We have modern technology! Google Translate is all you need. Use it with any app, any photo, any text or speech. Check it out: Google Translate

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Sticking to Your Travel Budget

Money is your ticket around the world, and nothing’s worse than running out halfway through a trip. So: be careful with your cash, as there’s nobody around to help if you’re not. Create a budget before you leave of how much you have to spend on each certain thing, each day. Stick to it and you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s possible to compare prices for all sorts of service now. You can compare the cost of a meal on sites like TripAdvisor and, using an example we discussed above, it’s possible to even compare casino sites and bonuses at places like Are you looking for meal deals or caisno bonuses? Are you set to play slots, cards or chips? How many games? And for how long? Oh – and bear in mind exchange rates! They’re prone to changing at the worst of times.

Making Memories

Travelling alone is an incredible experience; it’s total freedom! Just be sure to stop off and make some more permanent memories along the way, whether with your camera, your journal or simply your big ol’ brain. It’s easy to get swept up and along the globe when there’s no one else to tie you down.

So: choose your destination, make your plan, mark the date. Solo travel has to be done at least once in your life. Why not now?

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