High Life Health Fond of Wearing High Heels? They Are Unhealthy For You

Fond of Wearing High Heels? They Are Unhealthy For You

Girls these days, in the world of fashion and trends like to wear high heels. It is because high heels make you look sexy and attractive and taller too.  But do you how unhealthy they can be? Today we will tell you that wearing high heels is not only unhealthy for you but they cause harmful problems.


Yes, it can cause arthritis. As while wearing high heels the weight pressure comes directly on the heelpiece of the foot and it also affects Kneebone.
Surprisingly, this can cause a wearing away or pushing away of the natural padding you have on the ball of your foot. Females who are overweight according to their height and age should avoid wearing them.

Swelling in muscles

Wearing high heels can cause swelling in muscles and causes severe pain. The muscle swelling reduces the body’s water levels. It also causes cold and cough.

Back Pain

Heels actually cause your pelvis to push forward when you walk or stand, placing tremendous pressure on the lower back and causing lingering pain.

Falling and Sprained Ankles

The weight imbalance between the heel and the ball that high heels cause further cause the ankle forced to become the fulcrum for your entire body. And, since ankles aren’t built to take that kind of pressure, falls and twisted or sprained ankles can be pretty common.

A young woman massaging her painful ankle

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