Most of the time we’re avoiding certain foods assuming that their calorie count would be greater. But that only makes us more curious to know if these foods are really as unhealthy or as fattening as we think of them to be. Moment of truth!



Chocolates contain many nutrients some of which are also present in green tea and red wine and are good for your heart. Especially dark chocolate which has higher cocoa and polyphenol content.



The nutrition value of a dish like Pasta totally depends on how you prepare it. Cooking it in a low fat oil and adding lots of fibre rich fresh veggies or fish or chicken will make it a very healthy option.


Farm fresh baby potatoes displayed on a hessian sack on a rustic wooden table at farmers market a healthy nutritious root vegetable popular in vegetarian and vegan cuisine ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Similar is the case of potatoes, The way you cook it and the type of potatoes you use has alot to do with its nutrition value. Purple potatoes reduce blood pressure and contains very less fat. Pair it lots of fresh green veggies and potatoes were never your foes.



Cheese if added from on top of your food can add onto extra calories. Some types of cheese however, are very healthy, for example cheddar. Cheddar cheese contains calcium, zinc, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.



Think about low fat food and Pizza won’t be on top of your list. But why not? I say. Because Pizza too can be healthy if the toppings are chosen carefully with a thin wheat crust and less cheese and lots of veggies or chicken toppings.

Peanut Butter


Did You Know? Peanut butter is actually a Fat Burner? Yes! Also it helps the body to absorb essential nutrients from other foods so its worth every calorie if you go for the right variety.



Consuming alcohol in moderation is actually good for health as it lowers the risk of heart diseases for those who have 2 drinks a day than those who drink frequently but drink alot when they get down to it.

Dried Fruits


Dired fruits are largely misconcepted for containing high amounts of sugar after all the water is lost but the same amount of sugar would have always been present with or without water. On the othe rhand, dried fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals and fibre.

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