High Life Food Foods You Should Never Put in The Refrigerator

Foods You Should Never Put in The Refrigerator

In order to protect and preserve food, we all use refrigerators. But do you know that, there are certain foods which should never be placed in the fridge? Below, we have put together an extended list of such foods. Some of the results and certain entries may surprise you. Read out the text:

1) Bananas, Avocados and Melons

The cold temperatures actually slow down the ripening process of the bananas, while the moisture and darkness of the fridge will only facilitate rotting. Since they will need time to ripen, keeping in the cold cooler will deter and impede that process. So they should never be placed in the refrigerator. If you haven’t cut your melon yet then there’s no need to place it in your fridge. Research has demonstrated that storing melons in room temperatures, will in effect, keep the antioxidants levels the same.

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2) Potatoes, Onions and Garlic

The cold temperature of the fridge, potatoes can turn the starch into sugar more rapidly. Whereas, placing onions and garlic in the refrigerator will eventually end up turning them mushy and rubbery.

3) Bread

Bread dries faster in the refrigerator. The cold temperature will make the bread tough and chewy. Furthermore, the coldness tends to make the bread turn stale and harder, at a faster pace.

4) Coffee

Coffee and beans need an airtight container. You should place them in cool, dry and dark spots to retain their flavor & freshness.

5) Tomatoes

The cold air in the cooler stops the ripening process in the tomatoes, hence they lose their natural flavor.

6) Honey and Peanut Butter

Honey is already a naturally preserved food so it needs no help from the refrigerator. Placing peanut butter in your fridge, can eventually turn the PB hard and dry.

7) Pumpkin, Olive Oil, Ketchup and Vinegar

8) Fruits like: Apricots, Kiwi, Peaches, Plums and Mangoes

Such fruits lose their nutrients in the refrigerator.

9) Carrot, Pepper, Apples, Pears and Pineapples

10) Papaya and Sweet Potatoes


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