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For a Communal FB Post, Court Orders Hindu Girl To Distribute Quran As Punishment But She Refuses

For a Communal FB Post, Court Orders Hindu Girl To Distribute Quran As Punishment But She Refuses


In India, a female Hindu student in Ranchi got arrested after she allegedly posted a communal post on her Facebook. However, the court has granted her bail on a condition, which is now making headlines. The court has ordered her to distribute 5 copies of the religious Muslim book Quran, to different organisations. 

The name of the girl student is Richa Bharti. She posted on Facebook that why only people from one community (Muslim) think of being terrorists even if it is for revenge. Her post was found objectionable and communal and she got arrested by the police for the same. 

Manish Singh, the judicial magistrate for the case granted bail to Richa by giving her a unique punishment. He ordered her to distribute one copy of the Quran to Sadar Anjuman Islamia Committee and four copies to other organisations like libraries of schools and colleges within the next 15 days.

Richa’s arrest after posting alleged communal content on facebook sparked a controversy. Hindu organizations and the local community protested against the police for Richa’s arrest. Richa Bhartiafter her release, told in an interview that a lot of Muslims make objectionable posts but no action is taken against them.

She goes on to say that “There is a person on TikTok named Faizu who says that the kids of Tabrez Ansari (who was recently killed by a mob in Jharkhand on the suspicion of theft) might grow up to be terrorists to avenge him. So I only questioned why the thought of revenge only comes to Muslims why don’t the Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus who have vanished from Kashmir not think of becoming terrorists?”

On the court’s order of asking her to distribute the Quran, Richa refused to do that by saying, “No, I do not want to do that. Today they are making me distribute the Quran, tomorrow they might ask me to accept Islam and read Namaz. Has any Muslim who has spoken against Hindu religion been asked to read Ramayana or chant Durga paath?”

Court’s order received massive social media flak. People called out the court for being hypocritical.

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